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Does Practice Make Perfect? Sheraton Friday!

Hello and wow! There is a big orange ball in the sky and I think it's the sun!!! Yay!!

I am so busy with teaching as of late and up to 30 students now in my studio. I cannot tell you how rewarding it is to see them practice and improve. Consequently their confidence and self-esteem grows and that is just a magical thing to behold ESPECIALLY when you consider that most vocalists err on the side of being introverted. For most of their lives,( like me when I was their age) the challenges they face from being introverted have been hard. I think to find someone who firstly understands is mind blowing but then through their singing and music to find a new level of confidence....well it's just magical and makes my heart burst!

They also come out with some priceless quotes. One student who is 10 years old, a delightful young lady and work horse when it comes to practicing came to her lesson last week very proud of how hard she'd been working on her song. She doesn't always find singing easy but her determination and will to get it right is inspiring. We went through the song and a few sections were not quite right but, like most young people she was in a hurry to sing it, right or not!

I said 'ok great, let's go back over these few sections because practice doesn't make perfect only perfect practice makes perfect and we need to get all the notes right'

She thought for a moment and then replied
"Well ...if I do it my way then technically I"d get perfect at doing it wrong!!' and she smiled!
I laughed and laughed and said "I cannot argue with that!" It was priceless.
Then another young 8 year old comes into my room "Miss Helen Miss Helen I"m auditioning for a professional show and I need to be able to do an English accent!"
I said "well I think we might know someone who can help with that!"
To which she responded "WE DO??????!"

Her Mum and I fell about laughing!

Join us at the Sheraton this week! We'll be there Friday and I'm so excited to be joined by Joe Leaman on keys and Bryan Thomas on bass. Can't wait to get singing!

See you there!!

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