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Reserve Champions! (see facebook) Pub Bricco & Michigan

Hello to you all!

Well I am completely bushed but happy after a wonderful weekend at Lake Erie College competing in North America's 2018 Prix De Ville with my team mates. The Fast and the Furriest (as we called ourselves) arrived on Friday to school in the beautiful arena. Oh my goodness my adrenaline was in overdrive. This arena is very large with seating all around, a huge double viewing window one end and lots and lots of lights! So many lights in fact that I almost burst into song!!

Our team made a pact to have fun and learn and enjoy ourselves. No one was more surprised than us when at the end of day one's competition we were lying in 2nd place!! The first place team were a really fine team with fabulous warm blood dressage horses.

As Django and I warmed up that first day I must admit I felt like a bit of a misfit amount all these fancy horses snorting and prancing around with fine looking riders doing their thing. I am however very glad that I perform for a living as that going out there in front of a judge on your horse on your own is very like stepping out on stage so once I'm warmed up and ready to ride down the center line I generally don't get nervous. As a result Django was as cool as a cucumber and with his ears slightly back listening to 'Mum' we rode our test.

No one was more surprised than me to find out that out of 18 riders we had the top score and came first!!
My other team mates did really well too and so we went into Sunday feeling a little jittery of course as now we were contenders!!

Sunday's tests were more difficult but Django and I got 2nd place in our class as did Lisa in hers and my teams mates Vicki and Sue also got good scores.

At the end of Sunday we all had to put back on our formal riding attire (it was freezing!!) and wait for the results by the podium. The Fast and the Furriest were Reserve Champions!!! (2nd place) and we were ecstatic as was our trainer!

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Such fun and many laughs with a great team of ladies - enjoy the pictures on Fbook!

Wednesday we'll be at Pub Bricco then I'm off to Columbus to sing at the Equine Affair.

Superstar is coming back to Michigan for a fundraiser in Coldwater MI at a beautiful venue called the Tibbets Opera House. See this newsletter for more details.

Hope to see you soon!

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